Ørsted publications

About the Ørsted publications

Ørsted Wind Power A/S has an interest in sharing ideas for new technologies and solutions that are developed during the planning and design of offshore wind power plants and their supporting infrastructure. Very often, our engineers and technicians think of new solutions and realise how improved technology or methods can enhance the value of a plant, unlock new applications of it, reduce the cost of a component, the time spent on a certain process, reduce the safety risk in an operation, or the like.

Since Ørsted Wind Power A/S doesn’t design or manufacture all the components of a wind power plant, it's not possible to exploit all these ideas in-house. Instead, the ideas and concepts are published here to show them to all interested companies that might be able to build on Ørsted’s efforts and create more value.

Note that Ørsted Wind Power A/S may decide to file for patent protection on some of its development work – in that case, the respective ideas or concepts aren't published here.


Offshore wind data

We offer access to our operational offshore wind farm data and our offshore meteorological data. In doing so we aim to facilitate research, education and development in renewable energy.